​Invisible Orthodontics

NEW INNOVATIVE METHOD OF ORTHODONTICS , INVISIBLE , APPLIED IN AMERICA THE LAST 5 YEARS Our new innovative method invisible orthodontics is accessible to all , with very low cost . Set new horizons in orthodontics treatment !!! You want straight teeth without braces ? The system of splints are quite effective in many cases in need of orthodontic treatment. Transparent , fine , invisible splints for upper and lower teeth set new standards in orthodontics . This guided orthodontic treatment . ​Prepared in our laboratory , especially for your mouth and gradually straighten your teeth The dentist - orthodontist , according to the knowledge and experience of the particular method will recommend the ideal treatment

For Adults

In many cases the primary adult orthodontic intervention indication arises because existing dental health problems. The presence of crooked teeth and occlusal problems can affect oral health. The orthodontic intervention can help prevent serious potential problems such as caries teeth develop periodontal disease and tooth loss gradually. Today , more and more adults are seeking orthodontic intervention solely to improve the aesthetics and obtaining a beautiful smile. The techniques used in the adult are similar to those of children. ​The presence of gaps between the teeth , overcrowded teeth , prominent front teeth and teeth in abnormal positions , are problems facing quite often the Adult orthodontics. The ever growing interest of the individual for health and beauty issues led to a sharp increase in the proportion of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in recent decades. ​The use of small metal or transparent hooks showed high acceptance among adults , while there is great interest in recent years for transparent orthodontic aligners. ​However there are some cases that can not be controlled only by braces , because of the facial bones of adults was not further developed. In these cases we require orthodontic intervention to achieve the optimal effect. ​The health of teeth, gums and underlying bone , and harmonious relations of the jaws are essential in determining the decision for aesthetic improvement through orthodontic treatment.

For Underaged

​At what age should my child visit the orthodontist ? The American Orthodontic Society suggests all children have at least one visit to orthodontist by the age of 7. ​Why until the age of 7 ? ​​The posterior occlusion formed erupt when the first permanent molars, approximately 6 years of life . In this age ​can assess the anterior - posterior and transverse relationships of occlusion can be observed possible unnatural shifts in functional mobility of the mandible. Furthermore, they highlight the areas and identify problems such as overcrowding , the influence of harmful habits ( finger into the mouth etc . ) , The ypersygkleisi , open bite and facial asymmetries. Apart from the benefit of the scientific assurance of parents for the functional and aesthetic configuration of the oral anatomy of their children at this critical age, it should be noted that in many cases early detection will result in significant therapeutic benefits . What are the benefits of starting treatment at an early age ?

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