Dr George Barros studied in Dental Department of Aristoteleion University in Thessaloniki, from where he got his degree in 1987. He studied in the University of Thessaloniki for 4 years in the department of dental prosthetics. ​In 1993 he attended for three years at the Institute for Research and Applications Homeopathic Medicine , Hospital Aglaia Kyriakou courses Homeopathy and Homeopathy Dentistry, by the scientific team homeopathic doctors of Homeopathic Medicine Professor "Diamantidis", where he obtained a certificate Homeopathy. ​He constantly watched in recent years most annual conferences Dentistry and prosthetic various seminars , endodontic , periodontics , dental surgery, orthodontics , cosmetic dentistry.

He worked in his own clinic located in Piraeus for 30 years . Then he opened the Dental Clinic in Santorini. In 30 years he has seen more than 15,000 patients resulting in the acquisition of a vast experience in the field and especially in the department of Prosthodontics. ​He works as a dentist regularly since 1987 for 30 consecutive years in private practice in the city of Piraeus belonging to Piraeus Dental Association.

He has published several studies dental work with statistical studies by the staff of the dental file in statistics of studies in different population groups in Greek society.

Since the summer of 2015 he works in a second individual clinical operation in Santorini.

He was a research associate in known dental products company, PERGAFLOR, known Italian company in oral care products for four years. He waw also a research associate in insurance companies in managing and implementing dental programs depositing comprehensive dental insurance plans.

All these activities are exercised and continues to exercise them, serving the Dental Science and trying to contribute his services in any manner on the altar of Dental Science.

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